4 Ways to Profit From LinkedIn

\"4Are you a LinkedIn newbie?

Do you struggle to network and show off your expertise?  Do you want to secure new business?

If so, the most important thing to know is that LinkedIn is not just a modern Rolodex or a glorified resume.

It contains more valuable information about a contact than you could imagine.

All this information can be used to start an interesting conversation that could lead to great business opportunities between you and him or her.

LinkedIn Relevance

Bill Waterhouse is a regional director for Technical Innovation, a company that provides audiovisual products, streaming media, videoconferencing and other services. He has a sales background and was the first person at his company to use LinkedIn.

Shortly after he began using his email contact database to grow his LinkedIn connections, Bill was messaged by someone on LinkedIn—someone he had tried (and failed!) to get business from before—inviting him to respond to a new RFP (request for proposal) that led to a $450,000 contract!

The only reason Bill was considered was that he happened to pop up on that client’s LinkedIn radar. As you can see, one employee on LinkedIn resulted in almost a half-million-dollar payoff for his company!  Read this entire article here