3 FREE Ways to Increase Your FaceBook Fans – Often Overlooked

3 FREE Ways to Increase Your FaceBook Fans – Often Overlooked\"3

In my opinion more fans are better than fewer fans.  You can talk about “quality” all you want but you will not change my mind on this one.  The more fans you have the more likely you will develop new business or even create new friends.

Here are 3 ways you can increase your FaceBook Fans:

  • Invite people.  Really.  You won’t believe how many people just simply forget to invite their relatives, friends, co-workers, customers, prospects, etc…make a huge list and invite these people.  Invite everyone you have ever known.   You can’t really leverage who THEY know until they become a Fan.  Don’t overlook this simple yet effective strategy.  While you’re at it ask your friends to invite THEIR friends.
  • Promote your Fan Page everywhere.  If you advertise – promote the page in your ads.  Make sure you have a link to your Fan Page every time you fire off an email to someone.  If you write a blog post somewhere, include a link to your Fan Page.  If you have a brick and mortar store make sure there are ways for your visitors to find out about your page.  Tell everyone that walks thru the door – or better yet – hand them something with the URL printed on it.  ASK them to become a Fan.
  • Use other social media channels.  Promote that page on Twitter.  Make sure you have a link to your page every time you correspond with someone on LinkedIn.  Use Google+ to promote your Fan page.  Promote your Fan Page everywhere you go in Cyberspace.  Ask blog owners if you can write a guest blog post – and do a little self-promotion…they won’t mind if you give them good content.

Once you start getting Fans – it’s time to kick it up with regards to content on your page.  Make sure you post good content on a regular basis.  Engage your Fans.  Interact with your Fans.  Before you know it you will have hundreds or thousands of fans to work with – this opens the door to unlimited opportunity.

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Dennis Lynn
Social Media Dudes