10 Ways Non Profit Organizations Can Thrive Using Social Media!


Today’s economy is troubled, and donors are scarce. Nonprofit organizations need all the help they can get to sustain awareness of their causes. The assistance these organizations need and so much more can be found through social media. Social media can help nonprofits thrive even during a troubled economy.

How Nonprofits Can Flourish Using Social Media

  1.  Increased Internet Exposure. Social media increases a nonprofit’s connection and interaction with society. All the way, the organization is creating buzz about its mission.

  2.  No Cost Event Promotion. Facebook and LinkedIn especially can be used to promote online and offline events. The convenience of social media makes it easy for others to share your information as well.

  3. Complimentary Blog or Networking Page.  Tell your nonprofit’s story online and share pictures and videos. YouTube’s nonprofit program will put you ahead of the game with advantages like call-to-action headings and fundraising features.

  4.  Get in the News Each Day. Use the Facebook news feed feature to get your nonprofit’s happenings out there for the world to see. The more people know; the more they are likely to care.

  5. Raise Awareness Using Social Network Ads. Some people do not even have the time to get their news from the short burst of news that Twitter allows. Short ads on social media sites can keep your nonprofit’s name on peoples’ minds.

  6.  Focus On Local Donors. The technology behind some of the best social media sites on the web allows organizations to reach out specifically to people in their local area.

  7.  Share Your Message with the World. Create a banner or signature that can follow your every post or your every tweet, whether they’re being sent by your or your followers and friends. The more your nonprofit’s name gets out there; the more you it thrives.

  8. Make Important Connections. LinkedIn is one social media site that is filled with successful self-starters and other professionals, many who champion nonprofit causes. Connecting with these individuals could open new doors for your organization.

  9.  Collaborating with other Organizations. Social media allows for easy collaboration between nonprofit organizations with each other and with their supporters. Working together, organizations are changing the world.

  10.  Empowers Individuals to do Something. Some people are often motivated to do more after learning about various nonprofit agencies. Many of them create their own groups to do even more than they can alone. Social media plays a huge role in creating these action groups.

Your takeaway from this post…

Nonprofit organizations are really no different from any other business that needs to get their message out to interested parties.  Some would say their job is to get people interested in their message.  At this point in time, there is no more cost-effective means that can literally reach hundreds of thousands of people than through the use of social media.  In short, if your nonprofit is not using social media, you should expect to literally whither away and die.  It is THAT important to your survival.  Don\’t wait.  If you don\’t know how, get help from a qualified team of social media enthusiasts (and that does not mean someone who knows about Facebook.  Your organization is more important than that!)

Believe it or not, not doing social media right can actually harm your business.

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  2. Hey…thanks for your feedback. Which twitter account did you message? Was it a DM? (Sometimes they get lost in the volume) If it was an @mention, then I look at this multiple times a day. Give me your twitter handle and let me do research.

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